Tell and Show

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By Dahni
© 2017, all rights reserved

When I was a child in school, one of my favorite things was, ‘Show & Tell.’ It’s just the opposite with God.

Today we need to Tell and Show

This simple teaching technique enabled me, as the presenter, to utilize as many of my five senses as possible, to communicate something to others. And it made learning fun for me and fun and entertaining for others as well.

Well, we grow up or we have grown up, but the mind still works the same way. The more of our senses we use and the more we repeat something, the greater is our opportunity to learn and retain it. The whole aim of teaching should be, simplicity in presentation, because, it needs to be understood, by a child or any adult. Why, because of the purpose of learning. The whole purpose of learning should be to put that knowledge to work; to act on upon it. We still need to see, hear, smell, taste and touch as much as possible. If we lack one or more of these senses, those we have may become more enhanced, more magnified. Doubt this? Spend time with someone that does not have all five. To my knowledge, no one has ever been born without at least one of the five senses, But still, the normal intent of our lives is to function with five.

When it comes to spiritual matters, people have a tendency to throw out the normal process of learning and replace it with such things as ‘blind faith’ or the acceptance of something, by faith. Most would be surprised to learn that not once in the Bible, does God ever ask, demand, command or expect, anyone to accept anything by faith! This whole idea rips to shreds the law of learning and makes the law of language useless, as a tool for communication! Why? Because the law of language dictates, that what we do not understand, it is impossible to articulate!

When it comes to religion or spiritual matters, these things seem to depend on ‘faith,’ blind faith or just reckless abandon of logic and reason. But, logic and reason and even common sense, if these were wanting to find gainful spiritual employment, would be faced with the metaphoric sign:

Common Sense –Need Not Apply

The ancient Greeks were very logical people. In the Greek translations of the Bible and in Greek literature, knowledge and wisdom and understanding were essential to learning. There was order, math and science to learning, even philosophic beliefs. Knowledge was likened to a river, flowing down one side of a mountain. Wisdom, which is the application of knowledge, was another river flowing down the other side of the mountain. At some point, these two rivers meet and begin to flow together as one mighty river.

The Greek word (sunesis) is transliterated into English as synthesis. So, at the point where knowledge is applied we get wisdom. When this knowledge and wisdom flows together, we get understanding. It’s just this simple.

God expects us to know and know that we know that we know. He expects us to become wise. He expects us to understand. He expects us to “prove Him” whether the things he says in his Word are true. How do we do that? We believe and believe is a verb and a verb connotes action. Do you see how even with God and especially with God, how important the laws of learning and language are absolutely required? They are!

How does one know that they believe? For every action there is either a consequence or a result. Which of those would you prefer? Which of those does God expect— RESULTS! As a matter of truth, God is in the business of signs, miracles and wonders. These are His advertising program for winning souls, influencing people and making people whole. A rule of thumb is, if you’re not seeing signs miracles and wonders daily, you might not be believing God and getting results, but not believing God and reaping the consequences.

No how can we trust Him, if we are not getting? One cannot. So how can we learn to trust. Rule of thumb, if there is any doubt, worry and fear, there is little if any trust. So rather than doubt worry and fear, how can one learn to trust God, have confidence in God and believe God? Study his Word! He knows His Word will cause one to trust, have confidence and believe. And then, then, the signs, miracles and wonders will follow; there will be results; one will believe God!

I have written a book. Many people have written a book. The name of the author often appears in smaller print, underneath the title of the book. In other words, it’s the title of the work which is emphasized. But God as the sole author of one book of many writers, emphasized or magnified His Word, even above his name. My name and your name represents everything we have ever done, are doing and will ever do. It is the same for God. But his Word, He just did not set it above even his creation, He magnified it!

“ I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.”

Psalm 138:2

Now I may really be reaching for this, but if God magnified His Word above his name, all of His creation, past present and future (and He did), what do you and I suppose we should do with His Word? Uhh, maybe we should magnify His Word above our names too? Yep!

So, this is really pretty cool. Instead of relying upon or listening to what others (even among the most sincere and sincerely wrong people) say we should think or do—

What Does the Word Say???

Yes, where is the chapter and verse? We need to study. We need to work the Word of God. We need to be able to trust God, understand Him, prove him to ourselves, believe him, get results, see signs, miracles and wonders daily, to please Him, to Love Him, to be faund pleasing in his sight! How? By believing Him? How? By believing His Word. This is, the law of learning, the law of language, using words to articulate so that we understand.

Now there is one more thing in this post— Tell and Show. Now you might not like it or believe it, but guess what, I did not right this book, God did. Not only are we each to work God’s Word, for ourselves, but we are supposed to know that we know that we know so we can answer anyone, anywhere and anytime about why we believe as we do and how anyone,  if they want to believe, can believe. I meant “can” believe as everyone already has both the permission (may believe), and the natural ability to believe!

Very simply, learn and teach or ‘Tell and Show!’

Perhaps my poem or prose to follow will give you or anyone, some I dea what I’m referring to. One thing I am sure of, at the end of my poem/prose I will show what the Word Tells us. No argument from me and I will not argue with you or anyone. I’m just a witness. God said it, that settles it! We need to believe it!


By Dahni
© 2017, all rights reserved

Tell me that you believe it is foolish to believe in God
And I will hold up a mirror and show you the reflection of a fool
Tell me that the Bible contradicts itself
And I will show you it cannot
Tell me the Bible is illogical and unreasonable
And I will show you logic and reason
Tell me your science is greater than God
And I will show you true science, never contradicts Him
Tell me the Bible is just a story, stories and a work of fiction
And I will show How it is the truth
Tell me the truth will set you free
And I will show you how it can “make you free”
Tell me the truth will set you free
And I will show you the Bible never says this
Tell me that you cannot accept anything by blind faith
And I will show you why you shouldn’t and that God never asks this of anyone
Tell me Christianity is just another religion
And I will show you it is the way of a Father with his children
Tell me there are many writers of the Bible
And I will show you just one author
Tell me Jesus was just some man that lived long ago
And I will show him in every book of the Bible and that he is alive
Tell me about Jesus
And I will show you Jesus Christ
Tell me you are undeserving
And I will show you that He made your worthy
Tell me you are too worthless
And I will show you how valuable you are
Tell me there are many gods
And I will show you there’s only two
Tell me you do not believe in the devil, the “god of this world”
And I will show you his methods and the secret of his success
Tell me you do not believe in signs, miracles and wonders
And I will show you that you are not promoting or following the right stuff
Tell me about the wrath and vengeance of God
And I will show you his mercy, forgiveness and love
Tell me you just live for the moment
And I will show you everlasting and eternal life
Tell me you just eat, drink and try to be merry, as long as possible, for tomorrow we die
And I will show you a more than abundant life, and everlasting life and eternal life
Tell me there is no hope, for our planet, our country or mankind
And I will show you the Hope
Tell me you suffer, are sick or even dying
And I will show you wholeness, healing and life
Tell me you just don’t believe in God
And I will show you why you can’t
Tell me you believe in God
And I will show you – So what? Even devils believe in God.
Tell me you believe in God
And I will show you HOW, to believe him
Tell me every reason, why you can’t or won’t believe
And I will show you why you can’t or won’t believe
Tell me every why, you can’t believe
And I will show you HOW you can
Tell me you do not know who or what or how to believe
And I will show you who and what to believe
Tell me you want to believe
And I will show you how you can

For unless you can show me, why you believe or don’t or won’t believe as you do—
You do not truly believe
Believe is a verb; it is an action
Consequences or results, follow every action
And unless I can tell you, answer you
Neither do I believe

But I CAN tell you
And I CAN show you
For I study, to make myself approved before God
And he tells me to answer every question asked of me
And He tell me to…

Tell and Show

“But sanctify [set apart] the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man [or woman] that asketh [asks] you [including me] a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear [awe, respect, reverence].”

I Peter 3:15 King James Version (KJV)

Now if you want to dispute any of this. Go for it, but I did not write the Bible. I am just…

…a witness,


Next time: ‘True Hope’



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