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By Dahni
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Easter Bunny?

Is this post too early for Easter? What is Easter anyway? When is that exactly? Oh, do you mean the First Sunday after the First Full Moon after the Beginning of Spring? Not exactly.

Pink Moon?

Do you even know or care? Is it Sunday yet? Got your new Easter bonnet for the parade and maybe the only time you might go to church until December, yet?

This post was started on Thursday. Some religious folk celebrate it as Maundy Thursday. That always sounded like Monday-Thursday to me and actually that makes more sense, than what people celebrate it for. It is supposed to be the last Thursday before Easter, when Jesus assembled with his 12 disciples and had his last Passover meal. And you could accept that, that on this last supper there was that big table like Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’? Then Judas got ticked off, left, betrayed Jesus, then filled with guilt, he threw down the 30 pieces of silver (blood money, a bribe and the minimum price for a slave), to betray him. Then he went out and hung himself on a tree. Then Jesus went to the garden to pray. Then he was arrested. Then Peter denied knowing him three times before the cock crowed early in the morning or on, “Good Friday.”

Colored chicks from colored eggs?

“Good Friday,” Oh sure, Jesus was brought before Pontius Pilate, then, whipped, scourged and nailed to a cross and crucified in the midst of two others? What? Isn’t the word “midst” (middle) grammatically correct when there are more than two? If there were 2, wouldn’t the correct word be “between” and not “midst” (middle) which is, what the Bible says? What? Are you saying there were not only 2 crucified with Jesus, but more? NO, I’m not saying this, the Bible says so. So what? So WOW, can Friday get anymore gooder’ than that? I was misspelling on purpose and being sarcastic, just in case you are wondering.

This whole thing is starting to crack!

Friday rolls along then, Saturday and then, it’s Sunday. OH, so there you go, there’s three days and three nights? Not by a long shot! But OK, it’s Easter Sunday Morning and Jesus raised himself from the dead cuz’ he was, after all, God?

Is today Maundy, Monday or Thursday? If it is Thursday, this means that shortly, it will be, the so-called, “Good Friday?” What would have been so “good,” about someone dying on a Friday?

Now one has a choice, to either go by religious traditions or the source from where it all came from, but has been corrupted.

Then again, one could just stick to the more commercial traditions of: the Easter bunny, eggs, chocolate and stuff? Where did that come from? Easter is a pagan holiday. It comes from ancient Babylon, complete with fertility gods and goddesses, eggs, eggs in trees, rabbits and a whole host of sexual, virility and fertility rites and such stuff, probably not what your children want or need to know about? But the symbols continue today. Don’t get me wrong, I think a lot of this is fun like: egg coloring, egg rolls and races, Easter egg hunts, baskets and stuff, but I do know what’s behind it.

As to the pretended religious aspects, you could choose to believe that Jesus Christ died on “Good Friday” and pretend that the Sabbath was three days later on a Sunday. Talk about fantasy and fantastical thinking, WHEW and WOW! May I sell you some cheap land in Antarctica? How about a one square inch, you can build on it as high as you like!

Or, you could realize that to be legally deceased, according to the Old Testament, one had to be dead and buried for a period of 72 hours or “three days and three nights.” You could also accept that the Sabbath was generally, never on a Sunday. And you could accept that in the Bible times, there were two kinds of Sabbaths, the weekly one, always on a Saturday or a special High or Holy day, from whence we get our word, “holiday,” which could be on another day, but still called a Sabbath. And you could accept that in those days, a day ended and a new day began at sunset, not midnight. No matter how smart you might be or what your religious traditions tell you, you just can’t get 3 days and 3 nights (72 hours), from “Good Friday,” to Easter Sunday Morning. Is that about it? Are these the religious traditions you are familiar with? Hello professing Christians, is there any wonder WHY, so many atheists and others don’t believe, when many Christians cannot even do simple addition or count to 3???

Just another Spring time day?

Oh, Dahni, what difference does it make? Isn’t what is really important that the children just have fun and people make a buck including the dentist? HELL NO!

What difference does it make, what day Jesus died on or got up on? Isn’t it just that he died, isn’t that what is most important? OH HELL NO! It all makes, for maybe, a nice story, but it makes no sense. And if it makes no sense, it’s nonsense or nonsensical. It cannot be trusted and if you cannot trust, you cannot believe it and if you don’t or won’t believe it, there are no benefits to you, whatsoever! Why not? Cuz’ the truth aint’ gonna’ set you free, brother or sister, etc.

“Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

John 8:31,32 KJV

So, IF, one continues (continually) in God’s Word, “THEN” you are a disciple or a disciplined one, and THEN you shall (not maybe or will, but it is in the absolute tense), “Shall” know the truth. I emphasized (capitalized), the word “THEN,” with purpose. The context involves both time (THEN) and certain actions and the order in which they must be taken to receive the benefit. What benefit? Knowing the truth will not set you free; it shall absolutely make you free! So yeh, I think it does make a difference what day, Jesus died on and got up on and all the other stuff surrounding these days of this, our month of April.

This is my blog. This, my post, on my blog, will also, be linked on my Facebook pages. My Facebook pages are mine. They are an extension of me and you could say, my house and my rules. This content here and what is shared on Facebook is mine. I am responsible for it. I trust it because, I verified it. You may not? That’s OK. You verify it or prove it wrong. You research it. I promise you, the truth is far greater, than all the traditions you are familiar with. And here is another benefit, one way or the other, “the truth shall make you free!”

The last supper was on a Wednesday at the time, leading up to the death and resurrection. Jesus wanted to eat the Passover meal one last time with his then called, 12 apostles, but there wasn’t time. He would become, the Passover Lamb that year, for his people that year and for all people, for all time. This night after sunset, was the 14th of Nisan, our Wednesday. Wednesday was the “preparation day,” when Israel was to select and prepare the lamb for the Passover meal. Jesus ate the last supper (not the Passover).

Note: At the last supper they were sitting and the Passover was to be done, “standing.” Eastern customs and manners show they were seated cross-legged on the floor on pillows with a small center table they supped from, shared food from, a “common bowl.” Sorry to ruin your picture Leonardo. No, no I’m not really.

Judas did leave and betrayed Jesus to the high priests, realized what he had done, threw down the 30 pieces of silver and left the temple area. But he was still alive until sometime, after the ascension of Christ,  He died, most likely by impaling himself or cutting himself in the middle, but however it was done, all his bowels (Innards) gushed out. Why? Because, he could not, would not, accept, God’s forgiveness, for what he had done. God cannot go beyond one’s freedom of will!

On Wednesday (still sometime after sunset), Jesus leaves for a garden to pray. He takes the 11 remaining disciples/apostles with him. They fall asleep. Judas with soldiers, points him out, gives him a kiss of respect on the cheek and he is arrested, falsely, in the dark.

Why did Judas kiss him? Well, if it were me, I would have hidden behind some rock and the cover of darkness and pointed out Jesus to the soldiers. But not Judas. I believe he kissed him on the cheek out of true respect and to force Jesus’ hand. Many, including Judas, were looking, for a political savior (the glory of Christ) not the suffering-humiliated one.

Judas had been chosen as a disciple. And he was chosen as an apostle. The man had great ability. Judas had the “bag” and was the treasurer. He probably had more natural ability than all of the other 11 disciples/apostles combined. With all due respect to Matthias, whom the other 11 chose to replace Judas with, I believe God would have wanted the man, Saul of Tarsus, later called, the apostle Paul, to replace him. This should speak loudly of Judas’ abilities! And if you take the time to read Acts Chapter 1:1-11, and follow the pronouns, you will see that Judas had been most likely with the other 11 Galileans (remember Judas was not a Galilean), and Jesus, for 40 days after his resurrection and that Judas saw him, ascend into the cloud. But Judas just could not; would not forgive himself nor is there any evidence to support that he ever asked God to forgive him. Then Judas, guilt ridden, left and later, killed himself, sometime after, he had seen Jesus ascend into heaven.

Another thing I find interesting in comparing Judas and Paul is, Judas betrayed Jesus, but Paul, a member of the ruling body of Israel and before he became a Christian, had actually voted (“cast his lot”) to have Jesus crucified. But Paul lived forgiven and Judas did not.

I believe Judas will be, in the “resurrection of the just,” for the works he did for God, prior to his betrayal of Jesus the Christ. But you believe what you want. I believe Judas saw Jesus ascend and he could have been forgiven and could have been part of the rise and expansion of the dynamic, First Century Church.

But, Jesus was taken and falsely charged, without either the required number of witnesses (and they offered up paid-for false testimony – perjury and bribery), was falsely tried, illegally beaten beyond recognition, tempted in all points, but without sin, and there was no evidence to support that he was ever given food, water or allowed to sleep, from the time of his capture until his death. He was humiliated then later, sent to Pilate. It is still Wednesday.

Early this Wednesday morning (remember, it started at sunset earlier), twice, Peter denies Jesus thrice, before the cock crowed that he did not know Jesus. “Thrice’ (three) times X “twice” (2 times) = 6 times.

Jesus was delivered to Pilate. Pilate was never persuaded that Jesus had done anything wrong. But he could not save Jesus because, he had no sworn oath from Jesus. Jesus was as a lamb, led to slaughter, he never said a word. Pilate ceremonially washed his hands because, he did not have a sworn oath (allegiance) and therefore, under the jurisdiction and/or protection of Rome. Jesus had already taught that no one should EVER swear by God, by a man, by heaven or by earth, for in doing so, “such cometh (comes) evil.”

Pilate lived under, by and administered Roman Law. He could not protect Jesus without a sworn oath. But there was no evidence to support his being condemned to death. Pilate tried to get Jesus to answer for himself. Jesus would not answer. Pilate marveled at this, but he also knew that entering a plea of either guilty or innocent without sworn statements and evidence, he himself, would be guilty of perjury, if the plea was found out later to be true or false, contrary to the plea registered.

He asked Jesus if he was a King. Jesus answered, “You say.” Pilate knew he, himself, could be held to perjury, if either Jesus confirmed he believed himself to be a king or evidence supported that he was not, had Pilate accepted and said Jesus was a king. The crowd even yelled, that they had no king but Caesar. Pilate could not make Jesus a king against Rome.

His wife was afraid of Jesus from dreams she had and told her husband not to have anything to do with him.

Pilate even released a known and convicted murderer (Barabbas) to appease the crowd and save Jesus.Is this guy, Pilate like most politicians we know about or what? Sure, Israel had a custom of releasing a prisoner for Passover. Pilate had the power of Rome to honor that or not. But why would the people want a known, convicted and scheduled for execution, a murderer to be released back among them? Why would Pilate honor that? And who submitted Barabbas’  name instead of a man (Jesus), falsely accused with no evidence that he had done anything wrong?

Pilate brought Jesus before the people to show them how pathetic and pitiful he looked, having been so badly beaten that even his own mother could not recognize him. Maybe the people would see he was just a confused and a harmless crazy man and they would be merciful? Pilate brought him to be seen by the crowd and said, “Behold the man.” But the people cried the more, “crucify him!” Then, even illegally and publicly having Jesus flogged (with pieces of bone, rock and leather ripping his flesh), the crowd still cried out the more, “crucify him!”

Pilate, having exhausted everything he could to save Jesus and keep himself blameless, he washed his hands publicly, to show that neither he nor Rome would be blamed, for what followed. The people agreed and said his, “blood be upon us.” Pilate merely covered his own ass. He could have acted because, this whole thing was an illegal, crowd-whipped-up and paid-for farce! But Pilate was afraid of these people and tried to appease them, to keep order, fearing a possible riot and that he might have had to give account to Rome and the Emperor himself.

Finally, Jesus was led away to be crucified. He was led with 2 other criminals that had committed the same type of crimes. Mostly likely, all but Jesus were compelled to drag their own stake, (tree/pole) behind them, their own instruments of death to further humiliate them. Jesus was in no shape physically, to do this, and the soldiers randomly picked Simon Cyrene in the crown of onlookers, to drag the tree of Jesus behind him. When the soldiers and Simon, Jesus and the two criminals led with him, arrived at Golgotha, there were two other different kinds of criminals, who had committed entirely different crimes, already crucified there. 2 + 2 = 4 and Jesus would be in the “midst’ (middle).

No, Jesus never touched the instrument of death until, he was nailed to it. It was a tree, not a cross. It was a limbless, branchless, twig-less; leafless tree. His hands were placed  together above his head and a single stake was driven through a cluster of nerves in both hands, held together and fasted into the tree, behind his hands. His knees were slightly bent and his feet were held together (one atop the other), and set over a notch in the tree and another stake was driven through one of his tarsus (cluster of the tarsal bones of the foot), through the other tarsus and then, into the tree. A rope was tied around his midriff and tied behind him on that tree, to hold him in place. The tree, with him on it, was then hoisted up and dropped into a hole in the ground to keep it erect. The sound and the shudder of this dropping, must have shook the ground nearby (the sound carrying far), and every nerve in the body of Jesus, screamed with searing pain.

Roman crucifixion was designed not to be a quick form of death, but a long and drawn-out ordeal, delivering the maximum amount of pain and humiliation possible, for as long as possible. The Romans in this public place, in essence, were displaying to the world that their gods (the Emperor of Rome included) was greater than, the gods of those being crucified. Now if you want to get a cross into this scene, a horizontal plaque was ordered to be nailed above his head, “This is Jesus…” And there he hung on a tree, for as it was written, cursed is anyone that hung on a tree. He became a curse, for all of humanity. It is still Wednesday, sometime between the evens from Wednesday until at sunset, became a new day, Thursday.

Because it was getting close to sunset, the soldiers were ordered to break the legs of all those crucified. This would remove the support of the weight at the legs and would hasten their deaths by asphyxiation, the added weight pressing on the lungs and depriving them of the ability to inhale or exhale. This was done so that they could be taken down and buried before sunset, which would be a holy day and none of Israel were allowed to touch any dead thing, to be able to participate in the Passover. The soldiers came to the first person condemned, the far outside and broke their legs, hastening death. Next, they came to the next criminal of a different crime that was to the inner or the immediate side or directly next to Jesus. The soldiers broke his legs and he soon died. But when they came to Jesus, he was dead already and they marveled at that because, crucifixion was not supposed to kill quickly. But Jesus was NOT killed, he laid down his life, and literally willed to die! Now I ask you, does not four crucified with Jesus make much more sense than two and the soldiers looking stupid by breaking the legs of the first, skipping Jesus, not even seeing that he was dead, breaking the legs of the other person on the other side of Jesus and then coming to Jesus and seeing him already dead?

Just another Spring time day?

The lamb for Passover had to be killed in the even (evening) before Passover. Jesus was not killed; he gave up his life, freely. But he had to be dead and buried before, this sunset (still Wednesday). No one that wanted to participate in the Passover was allowed to do any servile work or touch any dead thing, if, they wanted to be ceremonially clean to partake of the Passover. So, Jesus had to be dead and buried before sunset on Wednesday, which became the new day or Thursday. What time did he actually die? I don’t know, but it was between the evens (evenings of Wednesday and Thursday. Was it dark at say, 3 pm? Yes, there were thick clouds covering the area, so sure, it looked like night. And yes, technically, it was still between the two evenings of Wednesday and Thursday.

At sunset Wednesday, became the new day, Thursday. This was a special Sabbath day, a Holy Day or what we call, a holiday. This was one of those times (5 special Sabbaths each year) that at least every head of every household, of the children of Israel, were required to be in Jerusalem, no matter where they lived. Jerusalem was crowded. As they ate the Passover Lamb and bitter herbs, representing the bondage that God had brought them out of, from Egypt, the perfect Lamb of God, without spot or blemish, had already been sacrificed for them, for all humanity and for all time, and they knew it not.

Six times, Peter had denied Jesus Christ. All the soldiers and 3 of the four men crucified with him, railed on him (criticized, mocked, and condemned him). Everyone forsook Jesus except God. Only his mother Mary and John and Mary Magdalene were with him at the end. His disciples, including most likely, Judas Iscariot hid behind closed doors, for fear of the Jews. All but Judas Iscariot (from Iscar) were Galileans. They were more afraid of the Jews than they were of the Romans that occupied all of Israel. They were afraid of getting arrested and maybe even being crucified like Jesus. They (Galileans) were hated by the Jews anyway. But, Jesus died. He gave up his life. He chose to. He chose to do the will of God. And then he cried with a loud voice, not some damn lamenting, mournful, regretful cry of defeat, “My God, My God why hast (have) you forsaken me,” but a cry of triumph, of victory! What victory? Your redemption, the gift of redemption and wholeness, and healing by his broken flesh (bread) and his spilt blood (wine) for the world, and you and I!

Flesh and Bread Blood and Wine – a memorial to a perfect sacrifice for healing and wholeness

By Friday, before Sunset, which would become Saturday, the weekly Sabbath, Jesus had already been dead for about 48 hours. So, if there was ANYTHING good about that so-called “Good Friday,” it was that his sufferings were over, on Wednesday. There is no power in that he died. He was the perfect sacrifice, for all and for all time and the redeemer for all and for all time, but humanity was still held, to the power of death.

At sunset Friday, became Saturday, or the weekly Sabbath. No servile work could be done during this 24 hour period of time and no one could touch any dead thing. Only a short distance (“a Sabbath’s Day journey”) could be taken from your home or where you were lodging, to go to the Temple or your local synagogue.

From the 6th hour to the ninth hour, (from 11 to 12 noon through 2 to 3 PM, there was darkness over Jerusalem during the time of the crucifixion of Jesus.

Hours Of The Day

On a sundial , the the term “hour” referred to a period of time, one-twelfth of the daylight part of the day. While daylight is longer in summer than in winter, and therefore summer “hours” were longer than winter “hours,” as a general rule, the first hour was equivalent to 6 to 7 am on a modern-day clock, and so on:

The first hour = 6 to 7 am
The second hour = 7 to 8 am
The third hour = 8 to 9 am
The fourth hour = 9 to 10 am
The fifth hour = 10 to 11 am
The sixth hour = 11 am to 12 pm
The seventh hour = 12 to 1 pm
The eighth hour = 1 to 2 pm
The ninth hour = 2 to 3 pm
The tenth hour = 3 to 4 pm
The eleventh hour = 4 to 5 pm
The twelfth hour = 5 to 6 pm

Jesus Went to Hell

For simplicity, let’s fix the hour of Jesus’ death at 3 PM on Wednesday (The Day of Preparation, selecting and killing the Passover Lamb, before sunset). This was the “ninth hour” and it is very significant in the Bible. Research the term.

3 PM Wednesday-3 PM Thursday = 24 hours. Thursday was the Passover, a Holy Day, a High Day, a special Sabbath, a “holiday.” No servile work could be done, no dead thing could be handled and travel was limited to a “Sabbath’s Day journey,” a limited distance from your home or lodging to the Temple and back. Thursday 3 PM – Friday 3 PM is another 24 hours. Jesus had then been dead for a total of, 48 hours. Finally, from Friday 3 PM-Saturday 3 PM (another 24 hours), Jesus had been legally dead for 72 hours “three days and three nights.” He had been in hell, hades, the kingdom of the ded or gravedom for all this time. His body began to experience some degree of decomposition, took on a “part” of corruption as any corruptible mortal being.

But, God, got him up!

By the way, Jesus was actually placed into two (2) separate tombs, by two different people and their aides. Look that up too. One of these believed it was all over. Another actually believed, Jesus was going to get up and he, Joseph of Arimathea, was a member of the ruling body of Israel, the sanhedrin. He did not believe the proper burial techniques, ointments etc. were necessary. Later, this was known and when certain ones came to his tomb, their plans and thinking and believing was to try and fix what was considered sacrilegious, a grave (no pun intended), disrespect and degradation of their burial laws and rites. But oops, they were wrong, Joseph was right!

The Resurrection

Jesus was raised from the dead, exactly when God wanted him to rise, after exactly, 72 hours in the grave or “three days and three nights.” There was an earthquake. The soldiers at watch freaked out and ran off. Leaving their post was a crime, punishable by death. So why did they run? There was an earthquake, the stone was rolled away from the tomb and they saw an angel. Did they also see Jesus come out? I don’t know, but they saw enough to abandon their post. They were there to guard the tomb to keep his disciples from stealing it in the night, to falsely claim he had risen from the dead. Where did that stupid idea come from? The priests, the supposed spiritual leaders of Israel planted this idea in Pilates head, prompting him to basically say, you have soldiers, deal with it. The disciples would not have stolen it anyway, they were all behind closed doors, hiding out, for, “fear of the jews.”

Imagine you are one of those soldiers that ran off. Why would you then go tell this to those priests? It would be only a matter of time before they were found out that they left their one job. Maybe they hoped that with explanation, maybe they could get off. So what did the priests do. Oh, they were really good at offering bribes and they gave the soldiers money to keep their mouths shut and promised to protect them. The soldiers took the money and in so doing, they may have been guilty of another crime, punishable by death, besides their already dereliction of duty. They accepted a bribe, would be guilty of withholding evidence and perjury, by not telling the truth.

It is still Saturday, before sunset when Sunday would begin. It is the weekly sabbath. No servile work could be done, no dead thing could be handled and travel was limited to a “Sabbath’s Day journey,” a limited distance from your home or lodging to the Temple or synagogue. After Passover on Thursday, many may have stayed in Jerusalem before, they went back home. Others had already left for home and perhaps others already were and they would honor this weekly Sabbath by attending their local synagogue. At sunset became the next day, Sunday, the “first day of the week.” Beginning at sunset on Sunday until until early Sunday morning, it would have been too dark for those that wanted to properly prepare Jesus’s body for burial. They waited until “before day” daylight, perhaps just at the crack of dawn to head to the the tomb of Jesus (the last of the second tomb he was placed in).

At sunset Saturday, became the “first day of the week or our Sunday.

Early in the morning of Sunday, two Mary(s) went to the tomb to properly anoint the body of Jesus, for a proper burial. When they arrived, they were met by two angels (not just one) and the mighty stone had been moved away from, the then open and empty tomb. Jesus was already gone. He was already resurrected or raised from the dead. When? I don’t know, but from sometime before sunset on Saturday, which began the new day, Sunday. Even in death, Jesus still had to fulfill the law, all the laws (some 900+ of them). And when it was all fulfilled, God got him up. But still, there was just a little more he had to do.

Then, for forty days after this, Jesus showed himself alive to many witnesses, including Judas.

The Ascension

All 12 saw disciples/apostles (including Judas) saw Jesus rise from the earth and go into the clouds. At sometime during this, Judas leaves. Then, Jesus ascended up into the heavens (anyplace above earth). His disciples/apostles were told to wait, for, “the promise of the Father,” in Jerusalem, during the 5 hours of prayer, each day in the temple. Then, Judas having departed and guilt ridden, he commits suicide. The remaining 11 Galileans stood there and watched Jesus ascend up and out of their sight. Two angels asked them, why were they still standing around in disbelief/unbelief, “this same Jesus” will return one day.

They watched Jesus ascend out of their sight. He ascended up, into the heavens then through the heavens. Why did not God just bring Jesus, right to him? Because, Jesus had to witness his resurrection to the chained (figuratively) bound evil spirits above the waters of the heavens (above the entire universe), the same evil spirits which had tried to destroy the world by the ‘Flood.’ Yep, they did it, not God, but God spared Noah and allowed his wife and his three sons and their wives and all the pairs of most animals, to repopulate the earth. Why “most animals? I don’t know, maybe because some could swim and some could fly?

But then, Jesus sat down on the right hand of God. Then, almost all was finished, complete, and fulfilled. It was not the sacrifice or the redemption (already done at his death), but the power and glory of God, being made available to every man woman and child that would or ever will, accept this gift of God’s Grace until, he (Jesus Christ) returns FOR his saints and then WITH his saints! And that’s where the power is, to Christianity!

“And When the Day of Pentecost was Fully Come”

Fifty days after Jesus Christ was killed was, another holiday, a High Day, a Holy Day, a Special Sabbath. Again, at least every head of every family in Israel were required to be at Jerusalem and in the temple at the hours of prayer. And again, Jerusalem was crowded. Then, when the Day of Pentecost was “Fully Come,” (it had been coming since the world began), the 11+ Matthias, all Galileans, were sitting in the Temple at an hour of prayer, decently and in order and they saw as if it was, cloven tongues of fire split off and land on each of them and it filled each of them to overflowing and they were born again and began to speak in other languages. They were ignorant and unlearned men and knew only, a primitive language, Estrangelo Aramaic. THEN, they interpreted those words and the people heard them, understood the languages they were speaking and the interpretation and what the people heard them speak was, “the wonderful works of God.” This “speaking in tongues” (of men (women too) dead or living languages or languages of of angels that no mortal person knows or understand) was proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in them. This was, this is, the witness. This was, the birthday, of the Church of God.

Now as great as all of this was and still is today, God was not finished. Jesus Christ is not finished. One day, he will return and the dead in Christ and those alive at his return will be gathered together with him and so shall they ever be, with him. Then, he will come back to the earth and touch down at the same place he left and with his saints. Then later, there will be the resurrection of the just and folks like Abraham, Moses, David and even Judas Iscariot I believe, are going to rise from the dead and judged according to their works. And then later, everyone else will be raised at the resurrection of the unjust and judged according to God’s Word. And then, at the end of all ends, the final victory will overcome all suffering, sorrow and death.

I have loved ones that are going through much in their lives at present, including the loss of their beloved. There is nothing I know of that gives anyone any greater comfort then to think on these things, practice these things, do these things. To look back not only on the memory of those that mean so much to us, as the things Jesus Christ did for all of us, but more than his life and more than his death and even more than his resurrection and ascension, even becoming a Christian, a beloved child of God and brother or sister of Jesus Christ, is the comfort that only can only be experienced, by looking for his coming again! For as we look to that, we are being changed from glory to glory. We become lightened as we see him not as he was, alive then humilated and horribly tortured, murdered, resurrected and ascending, but “as he is” right now! Comfort yourselves with these things. For the Hope, the return of Christ is, the true comfort, for it is, the—

True Hope!

The Hope of His 2nd Coming

Understanding ‘True Hope’ has both immediate assets Today and Tomorrow!

You may now return to your religious beliefs and traditions and/or go gather some eggs with the kids on Sunday and enjoy yourself. But still, you have here, just read the truth, from the Word of God. It was my words and my vocabulary, but it was God’s Word! Look into it and look it up for yourself!

Now if you want to dispute any of this. Go for it, but I did not write the Bible. I am just…

…a witness,


Next time: ‘He’s Up and He’s On His Way!’



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