He’s Up and He’s On His Way

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By Dahni
© 2017, all rights reserved

As moving as was the life of Jesus Christ and how horrible was his torture, humiliation, being tempting in all things; his suffering and murder and how necessary it all was to fulfill God’s Word and to redeem humanity and to be made, The Passover Lamb without spot or blemish, a perfect sacrifice, for all and for all time, God was not; is not finished yet.

How beautiful it was for Jesus Christ to have risen from the dead. How comforting to his disciples and apostles and friends and family to have seen him alive again and for forty days. How I would so desire to have been just one of those two, on the road to Emmaus when Jesus walked with them and talked with them and opened the Word of God to them and taught just those two, all the scriptures from Genesis to Malachi, concerning him and to have had my heart “burn” with joy within me! But God was not; is not finished yet.

How incredible would it have been to have seen Jesus Christ ascend into the cloud and out of sight in route to the right hand of God! How awesome would it have been to have been with him as he passed into and then through the heavens at the edge of the universe, whereis water, and to have experienced his witness to the chained (figuratively), bound spirits that had caused the flood in Noah’s day! How without words would it been, if it were possible, having been with Jesus Christ as he sat down, having completed his service, on the right hand of God and as far as God was concerned, from His perspective all, was completely, completely, complete. But God was not, is not finished yet!

Oh, to have been with them in the temple on the Day of Pentecost! Oh, to have heard a pin drop perhaps, it was all so quiet, during an hour of prayer and to have seen the apostles sitting all decent and in order and then to have seen cloven tongues of fire, land and rest on and inside them and to have heard them speak in tongues, the witness of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and to experience the new birth, the household and family of God, and Christianity, for the very first time! And to have heard them, that only knew one language (Estrangelo Aramaic), speak in tongues (lost or living languages or the tongues of angels) for the very first time! Oh, to have witnessed this, the “latter rain,” prophesied in the Book of the Prophet Joel and was then overflowing (lambano), for the very first time! And Oh, to have heard these different languages that many in the Temple heard and understood and then to hear the same speakers in course (decently and in order), interpret those words they just spoke, in their own language, the precise sum and substance of what they spoke in tongues! And Oh, to have witnessed this first evangelistic meeting if you will, where about three thousand souls were added to the Church, the very same day! But God was, is not finished yet!

Oh, to have been with Saul of Tarsus, a man trained in the law at the feet of Gamaliel, a rabbi and the leader of the Sanhedrin, the ruling body of Israel! Oh, to have seen this same Saul, himself a member of the Sanhedrin that had cast his lot to crucify Jesus Christ and persecuted the early church casting them into prison or worse and to have been with him on the road to Damascus, when Jesus Christ appeared unto him in a vision, and Saul too, became a Christian! Oh, to have seen the Rise & Expansion of the early Church, all the signs, miracles and wonders and to have experienced Saul, now the Apostle Paul, take God’s Word over all Asia Minor, in about 2 years and three months! Oh, to have experienced and spent time with the original apostles, Paul and others and to have been a witness of: “so mightily grew the Word of God and Prevailed!” But God was not, is not finished yet!

Oh, to have personally been taught the seven Church Epistles Romans, I & II Corinthians and Galatians and to understand grace, the love of God in the Renewed mind in manifestation, believing and hope and that this love is greater than all, for it activates all our believing, for what is presently available and our believing in the future, our hope! Oh, to have been personally taught Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians and to have understood “the mystery” that out of Jew and Gentile would become the one body of Christ and the Church, the family and household of God! Oh, to have understood the riches of the glory of that mystery that it is, Christ in us, the hope of glory!

Priscilla and Aquila a lovely married couple that helped the Apostle Paul

Oh, to have understood that the Word of God was complete when God had written all, in those 7 Church Epistles! Oh, to have been taught personally, I & II Thessalonians, by the Apostle Paul! Oh, to have researched, been taught and to have shared (fellowshipped) with Mary and Jesus’ kin, Mary Magdalene, Peter & John, Paul, Silas, Steven, James, Priscilla and Aquila, all the other original 11 disciples/apostles, and all those too numerous to mention, those never mentioned and all those I do not know their names or cannot recall and to have lived with them, ate with them, loved, laughed, joy-ed, rejoiced (re-joy-ed) and cried with them! But God was not, is not finished yet!

Aquila and Priscilla, The Way College of Emporia about 197?

Oh to have been there when all the other books in the Bible were written and to have heard them; had been taught them! Oh, to have been with John at Patmos and heard and understood the book of Revelation, along with him! But God was not, is not finished yet!

As great as all these things were and would have been if you or I had experienced them when they first occurred, we have something far greater than all of those first-hand experiences! We have a “more sure word of prophesy!”  We that are born again, his true children, have this witness of his resurrection within us! Every time and anytime we manifest this spirit of God, we are living proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ! We have this love of God (agape), this believing and this hope within us, but God was not, is not finished yet!

“But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”

I Corinthians 2:9 KJV

Even so, in this life, this potentially more than abundant life (more than is needed so that we may freely give to those that need), we may still experience, trouble, sorrow, suffering and death. Here is where the Hope becomes the only thing which can truly comfort anyone. For it is in looking into this Hope, to the true person of Jesus Christ that he shines out to us, even in the midst of unfathomable darkness. But this true hope is not merely a reflection as in a mirror that shines out from within us, it causes the reflection and our faces to become radiant and to be exceeding glad, “for as he is, so are we in this world!”

No, God was not, is not finished yet! Jesus Christ is not finished. One day, he will return and the dead in Christ and those alive at his return will be gathered together with him and so shall they ever be, with him. Then, he will come back to the earth and touch down at the same place he left and with his saints. Then later, there will be the resurrection of the just and folks like Abraham, Moses, David and even Judas Iscariot I believe, are going to rise from the dead and judged according to their works. And then later, everyone else will be raised at the resurrection of the unjust and judged according to God’s Word. And then, at the end of all ends, the final victory will overcome all suffering, sorrow and death.

I have loved ones that are going through much in their lives at present, including the loss of their beloved. I close this out with a video. It is the greatest teaching I’ve ever heard on the Hope, True Hope, and the Return of Jesus Christ. It was this man’s last public teaching before, he too, fell asleep and is now waiting, the return of Jesus Christ.

This teaching answers so many questions about life, and death, the first and second coming of Jesus Christ and so much more. Grab a Bible and listen along. Look up the scriptures. This is still the greatest teaching on the True Hope, I have ever heard in my 60+ years of life! I thank God that even if all he ever did was this one teaching, the world is better off for it. I thank God for video and for Youtube! Comfort yourselves with these things!

Comfort yourselves with these things!

The Hope of His 2nd Coming

I will tell you what does NOT matter. It does not matter, who this man was, whether you knew him or not. It does not matter if you knew about the Way International or have ever heard of it. It does not matter if you were ever involved with it or still are. What does matter is, the Word that he taught above from the video! It is still as relevant today in 2017, as it was in 1985. The Hope is, the true comfort for it is, the—

True Hope!

I leave you now with this final thought and another video. It is the music and lyrics from an old English hymn. For all those troubled, or suffering anywhere, if you think I do not hurt when you hurt, you do not know me. For even me, when I try to care for you or care about you, pray for you, visit with you; be with you (and I love to do these things and more), but I too get overwhelmed. It is then and now and for all time; through all things, I must turn my eyes upon him and I can only encourage you to—

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Download sheet music & lyrics

Now if you want to dispute any of this. Go for it, but I did not write the Bible. I am just…
…a witness,


Next time: ‘The One Job of Job’



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