About Me

DahniPentecostBlog_picMy name is Dahni. It is pronounced like Donny or Donnie. It is just spelled differently. It is my intention to be the sole administrator and author of this blog. So to speak, “the buck stops here.” This blog and all its content, every word, all the punctuation and grammar (sentence structure) and every image are, all my responsibility. I have neither a problem with telling anyone that I don’t know or that if I am wrong, admitting I am and with humility, do my best to change.

I love to write. I write many kinds of things. I have a great interest in many people and many things. Most of my other blogs can be found on WordPress.com I have posted such content as here and as I intend to post here, on other blogs or links to websites I control or my personal, social media posts and pages.

I am a happily married man. Sometimes, my wife Susan is happy with me or seems to be. My qualities as a husband according to her, would be that I make her laugh and I can keep her warm. 🙂

We have four sons between us and 6 grandchildren. We have brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles, some great-nieces, and great-nephews (more coming soon). We have friends, acquaintances and associates. We live in the country, on a hill, in, Macedon, New York, USA.

I write, dabble in the arts and compose original pieces of music on the piano and occasionally the guitar. Sometimes, there are lyrics too. I have no formal music training. I cannot read or write the music I compose.

I was not born in New York. I was born and raised in the Midwest portion of the United States. I was born in the state of Missouri (no not, ‘the state of misery). 🙂

Columbia, Missouri is, my hometown. Missouri is, my home state and its motto is, “The Show Me State.” This should be all you need to understand about me. I was as a child, curious, imaginative and full of questions. Missourian’s are often known to be stubborn like a mule. Don’t just tell us, SHOW US!

I am chronologically around 60 something. My mental age can probably not be determined. Emotionally, I am mostly, just like a ‘fo-yeer-o’ed’ wittle’ kid.  Why yes, I have self-deprecating humor. 🙂

I am at ease in the country, city, in a crowd, small groups, with just one or a few people and even alone. I need no audience as I self-amuse myself! I love people. Love to watch them, study them, talk with them and just ‘hang out’ with them. I love to cook! Are you coming? 🙂

I have researched religion, beliefs and the Bible for over forty years. I am not a graduate of any theological cemetery . Ooops I meant seminary. 🙂

I have no intention of starting a new religion or a church.

I do not have a church. I do not regularly attend a church. But I am a legally ordained minister. I know I am legal because, the state where I performed one and only one wedding, accepted my credentials. I think I might have done OK with the service too because, the couple are still married and to each other and are now expecting, their third child. 🙂

I have an honorary ThD (doctorate in theology). Most people that receive a ThD or a PhD do so, in about 6-8 years. Mine took me around 40 years. OK, so I’m slow.  🙂

But of all that I am, have done, have not or will sometime do, I am most proud of my accomplishment that. I am—

a witness,